TIA SCS 9001 – First Ever Global Standard to Measure & Verify the Supplier Chain Security

SCS 9001: First Ever Global Standard to Measure and Verify Supplier Trust and Protect Digital Infrastructure

With sophisticated supply chain cyber attacks on the rise, SCS 9001 addresses the urgent need for an information and communications technology (ICT) specific standard for global supply chain security.

SCS 9001 is more than just a standard, it is a complete supply chain security management system that verifies trusted ICT providers and suppliers for businesses, governments and consumers.

TIA QuEST Forum was the organization trusted by the global ICT industry to facilitate the development of the first ICT standard for supply chain security, SCS 9001. The Supply Chain Security Work Group was established to develop and maintain the critical standard to help organizations ensure trust in their suppliers and address cyber breach, ransomware and zero day threats from infiltrating their networks.

WHY SCS 9001?

SCS 9001 is a process-based standard, built on top of a quality management system (QMS). Companies benefit from assured consistent security across all products and services by using SCS 9001 certified suppliers.

SCS 9001 was developed to address the critical gaps in the ICT standards community.  SCS 9001 will ensure trust can be verified by covering 10 security domains with 55 controls, and 7 additional processes with requirements.

The SCS 9001 certification guarantees that suppliers have an appropriate management system in place that has been systematically audited by an independent and accredited SCS 9001 certification body.

SCS 9001 Registration Process

SCS 9001 is documented in the SCS 9001 Management System Handbook. Certification to SCS 9001 requires a foundational annex SL based quality-based management system (ex. ISO 9001, TL 9000, AS 9100) to be implemented as well. This section provides comprehensive information, guidelines and resources for a new, ongoing or mature SCS 9001 implementation.

SCS 9001 registration process is similar to the other management system registration.

  • Know About SCS 9001 – The requirements of SCS 9001 are documented in the SCS 9001 Handbook. We at Nucleus Consultants provides training on SCS 9001
  • Contact a Certification Body – Choose a TIA QuEST accredited certification body.
  • Define the Scope of Registration – Define the scope of SCS 9001, consider the the product line, division, location or entire business. Also determine the products and services to be included under the scope of registration.
  • Do a Gap Analysis – The organization undertakes gap analysis and assessment of its organization, operations and processes against the SCS 9001 standard. Deficient areas are identified, an action plan is created to close the gaps, plans and processes are put into place, and resources are allocated to align the organization with SCS 9001 requirements. The gap analysis can be conducted by internal team or consultants like Nucleus Consultants.
  • Complete PDCA  – Establish, implement, document and continually improve the effectives of the SCS 9001. Conduct an Internal audit and Management Review.
  • Pre-Audit Activities – Complete the registration process with TIA Quest Forum and submit the applicable measurement data.
  • Fix an Audit  – Contact the certification body and perform the audit. Incase of any findings, close the findings with proper RCCA and obtain the registration.


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