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The effort vastly improved the company’s In today’s marketplace of changing technology and stringent regulatory requirements, time to market and product quality are essential in developing a competitive advantage.

At Nucleus Consultants, our fluency in the Aviation / Space /Defence industry helps you gain the competitive edge you need. Our industry experts, supported by qualified personnel, reducing your time to market.

Aviation / Space / Defense Quality Management Systems

What can a Management System (i.e. ISO 9001, AS9100, AS 9110, AS 9120, ISO 14001) bring to your organization? First, a quality management system has the potential to make your organization more cost effective and efficient, providing your customers consistent quality products. Second, it will arm you with a powerful competitive tool to help your business grow and prosper. Quite simply, compliance with management system standards sends a very strong message to your customers: Your company takes quality seriously.

Nucleus Consultants is a leading management systems consultants, providing services on ISO 9001, AS9100, AS 9110, AS 9120 and 14001 environmental management systems Implementation, Training and Auditing. With qualified auditing staff, we service various customers in multiple industries, including Aviation / Space /Defense.

AS 9100 / AS 9110 / AS 9120 combines the effective standards of ISO 9001 with supplementary items of how ISO pertains to the Aerospace Industry. AS 9100 / AS 9110 / AS 9120 is the essential ingredient in creating an effective, efficient, continuously improving quality system.
Nucleus Consultants Aviation / Space / Defence services include:


We at Nucleus Consultants, Provide Aerospace and Defence Industry Specific Consulting and Trainings Services for the following standards and Topics

  • AS 13100 – AESQ Quality Management System Requirements for Aero Engine Design and Production Organizations
  • AS 9145 – Aerospace Series – Requirements for Advanced Product Quality Planning and Production Part Approval Process
  • AS 13000 – Problem Solving Requirements for Suppliers
  • AS 13002 – Requirements for Developing and Qualifying Alternate Inspection Frequency Plans
  • AS 13003 – Measurement Systems Analysis Requirements for the Aero Engine Supply Chain
  • AS 13004 – Process Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (PFMEA) and Control Plans
  • AS 13006 – Process Control Methods
  • AS 9146 – Foreign Object Damage (FOD) Prevention Program – Requirements for Aviation, Space, and Defense Organization
  • AS 9102 – Aerospace First Article Inspection Requirement
  • AS 9103 – Aerospace Series – Quality Management Systems – Variation Management of Key Characteristics
  • AS 9115 – Quality Management Systems – Requirements for Aviation, Space and Defense Organizations – Deliverable Software
  • AS 9116 – Aerospace Series – Notification of Change (NOC) Requirements
  • AS 9131 – Aerospace Series – Quality Management Systems – Nonconformance Data Definition and Documentation
  • ARP 9134 – Supply Chain Risk Management Guideline
  • ARP 9136 – Root Cause Analysis and Problem Solving (9S Methodology)
  • Industry Specific Topics line
    • Prevention of Counterfeit Parts
    • Product Safety
    • Configuration Management
    • Human Factors
    • Management of SR – CI – KC
    • Acceptance Authority Media
    • Supplier Management etc

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About ISO 9001

Originally published in 1987 by the International Organization for Standardization, ISO 9001 is a generic quality systems standard that specifies, in very broad terms, the necessary components of a quality management system. Rather than being specific to any one industry, ISO 9001 details the basic requirements of the quality function for all industries. ISO 9001 gives you the tools to grow a better business through continuous improvement and refined processes. The latest version of ISO 9001 is ISO 9001:2015. Today more than 500,000 businesses have achieved ISO 9001 certification throughout the world, making it by far the most recognized symbol for quality in the global marketplace. (See more about ISO 9001..)

About AS9100

AS9100 / AS 9110 / AS 9120 are the standards developed by IAQG (International Aerospace Quality Group). The IAQG sets the standard for quality within the worldwide supply chain of the aerospace industry.  These standards are documented, published and applied internationally by original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and circulated throughout the supply chain.  AS9100 series was developed using ISO 9001. AS9100 is the first single standard accepted by and available for use across the global aerospace community. Additionally, AS incorporates the requirements necessary to address both, civil and military aviation aerospace needs.
The current version, AS9100 Rev. D, is the accepted standard and includes the ISO 9001 standard verbatim. In addition, there are supplementary items that address how the standard applies to the Aerospace Industry. (See more about AS9100.)

Customer QMS Requirements:

Most of the Aerospace and Defence Primes (OEM) requires a robust Quality Management System for their entire supply chain. These primes are requiring AS9100 / AS 9110 / AS 9120 certification for all new suppliers, and existing suppliers. In addition to this, each primes additional and specific requirements are addressed and flow downed through their Supplier Quality Requirements (Ex: ASQR, SPOC, BMS, SABRe etc).

We at Nucleus Consultants, provide consulting and training services to comply these customer specific QMS requirements.

About AS 13100

The AS1310 AESQ Quality Management System Requirements for Aero Engine Design and Production Organizations Standard has been created to harmonize and simplify supplier quality requirements that are in addition to the requirements of AS 9100 Quality Management Systems – Requirements for Aviation, Space, and Defense Organizations and AS 9145 Advanced Product Quality Planning and Production Part Approval Process.

AS13100 sets out to create a common set of supplemental requirements with common reference materials to improve understanding, efficiency, and performance. While significantly simplifying the businesses of suppliers with multiple customers, the primary intent of this new standard is to improve overall product quality by focusing on the key systems and processes currently deterring consistent aerospace engine product quality.

We at Nucleus Consultants, provide AS 13100 related training and consulting services. For more information contact us. 


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