ISI – Mark Product Certification

Mark Product Certification

The Product Certification Scheme of BIS aims at providing Third Party Guarantee of quality, safety and reliability of products to the ultimate customer. Presence of ISI certification mark known as Standard Mark on a product is an assurance of conformity to the specifications. The conformity is ensured by regular surveillance of the licensee’s performance by surprise inspections and testing of samples, drawn both from the market and factory.


The Bureau of Indian Standards, empowered through a legislative Act of the Indian Parliament, known as the Bureau of Indian Standards Act, 1986, operates a product certification scheme, and has till date granted more than 30 000 licences to manufacturers covering practically every industrial discipline from Agriculture to Textiles to Electronics. The certification allows the licensees to use the popular ISI Mark, which has become synonymous with Quality products for the Indian and neighbouring markets over the past 50 years. The Bureau’s predecessor, the Indian Standards Institution began operating the product certification Scheme in 1955. Presently more than 19000 licences are in operation covering about 1000 products.

The BIS Product Certification Scheme is open to manufacturers in all countries without discrimination. While a licence can be granted for any Indian Standard specifying product characteristics, which is amenable to certification, the broad areas of technologies now under certification are:

Chemicals and Pesticides
Rubber and Plastic products
Cement and concrete products
Building materials
Pumping, irrigation, drainage and sewage equipment
Pipes and fittings for water supply
Basic metals and fabricated metal products
Machinery and equipment
Electrical, electronics and optical equipment
Automotive components
Agriculture, food and tobaccos
Black tea and beverages
Packaged drinking water and Natural mineral water
Leather products
Wood products
Paper and pulp products
Testing instruments

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